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My intown sources also reveal that Porsha has been spilling the tea while she’s been out in the clubs… stating that she and Phaedra are DEFINITELY not friends any more and proudly proclaiming how she ‘flipped the script’ on Parks.

Potential whistleblowers may request anonymity during their initial legal consultation. For international whistleblowers, language translation services are also available upon request.

And, of course, there are the more than 31,000 American scientists (to date) who have signed a petition challenging the climate change narrative and 9,029 of them hold PhDs in their respective fields. But hey, Al Gore and his cronies have also ignored that inconvenient truth, as well.

Then, in a move that surprised many, Kennedy asked Johnson to be his running mate. He realized that he could not be elected without support of traditional Southern Democrats , most of whom had backed Johnson. He offered Johnson the vice presidential nomination at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel at 10:15 . on July 14, 1960, the morning after being nominated for president. [15] Robert F. Kennedy , who hated Johnson for his attacks on the Kennedy family, later said that his brother offered the position to Johnson as a courtesy and did not predict him to accept it. Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. , and Seymour Hersh quoted Robert Kennedy's version of events, writing that John Kennedy "would have preferred Stuart Symington as his running-mate " and that Johnson teamed with House Speaker Sam Rayburn to "pressure Kennedy to offer the nomination". [16] Biographers Robert Caro and W. Marvin Watson offer a different perspective; they write that the Kennedy campaign was desperate to win what was forecast to be a very close race against Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Johnson was needed on the ticket to help carry votes from Texas and the Southern United States . Caro's research showed that on July 14, Kennedy started the process while Johnson was still asleep. At 6:30 ., Kennedy asked his brother to prepare an estimate of upcoming electoral votes, "including Texas." [15] Robert Kennedy called Pierre Salinger and Kenneth O'Donnell to assist him. Realizing the ramifications of counting Texas votes as their own, Salinger asked him whether he was considering a Kennedy-Johnson ticket, and Robert replied, "yes". [15] Between 9 and 10 ., John Kennedy called Pennsylvania governor David L. Lawrence , a Johnson backer, to request that Lawrence nominate Johnson for vice president if Johnson were to accept the role and then went to Johnson's suite to discuss a mutual ticket at 10:15 . John Kennedy then returned to his suite to announce the Kennedy-Johnson ticket to his closest supporters and Northern political bosses. He accepted the congratulations of Ohio governor Michael DiSalle , Connecticut governor Abraham A. Ribicoff , Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley , and New York City mayor Robert F. Wagner Jr. Lawrence said that "Johnson has the strength where you need it most"; he then left to begin writing the nomination speech. [15] O'Donnell remembers being angry at what he considered a betrayal by John Kennedy, who had previously cast Johnson as anti-labor and anti-liberal. Afterward, Robert Kennedy visited with labor leaders who were extremely unhappy with the choice of Johnson and after seeing the depth of labor opposition to Johnson, he ran messages between the hotel suites of his brother and Johnson, apparently trying to undermine the proposed ticket without John Kennedy's authorization and to get Johnson to agree to be the Democratic Party chairman rather than vice president. Johnson refused to accept a change in plans unless it came directly from John Kennedy. Despite his brother's interference, John Kennedy was firm that Johnson was who he wanted as running mate and met with staffers such as Larry O'Brien , his national campaign manager, to say Johnson was to be vice president. O'Brien recalled later that John Kennedy's words were wholly unexpected, but that after a brief consideration of the electoral vote situation, he thought "it was a stroke of genius". [15]

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Sean Apollo , Fraud & Ionosphere Feat. Treasure - Obsession (Hujib Remix)Sean Apollo , Fraud & Ionosphere Feat. Treasure - Obsession (Hujib Remix)Sean Apollo , Fraud & Ionosphere Feat. Treasure - Obsession (Hujib Remix)Sean Apollo , Fraud & Ionosphere Feat. Treasure - Obsession (Hujib Remix)